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Trademark Consultant

Trademark Registration and Consultant

The Trade Mark workplace has recently launched FREE `on-line public search’ facility. This method is beneficial to establish similarity of the projected mark with the previous existing marks, that helps in understanding whether or not the mark ought to be adopted for use/ is also registered, and then, steps for registration is also taken consequently.

Application for registration of a trade mark

The next step, when `Search’ is of filing Application for Registration of the mark with the Trade Marks registry beside filing fees. The date and time of filing the application is recorded and also the registry informs of the application number assigned to the individual application that later, become the trade mark number, on registration.

The Application for Registration of the mark is examined by the Registrar of Trade Marks and any question raised by their workplace has got to be replied to their satisfaction. In case, the Registrar isn't happy with the reply, notice is issued for private hearing. The mark, if approved on hearing, return to advertising within the Trade Marks Journal. If no Opposition is filed among a few of the months of the advertising of the mark within the Tm journal/or person succeed the Opposition proceedings (if any), the trade mark return to registration and also the Registrar problems a Certificate of Registration.

This long method of registration, however, doesn't have an effect on the utilization of the mark or the rights of the person, since the priority of filing application/use is additionally thought-about by the Registrar at the time of acceptance of the mark for registration.

Time: Filing application/obtaining registration of mark takes concerning 18-24 months (at present)

Requirements for trade mark registration:

For filing application for registration of the trade mark, we need the following:

  • Actual name of the mark, if the mark is to be applied for registration as word as such. In case, the mark is to be applied for registration in an exceedingly unreal form/ label/carton, ten copies of such illustration/label/carton (such representation might also be sent in an exceedingly soft copy);
  • Detail of the goods/services in relation to that the mark is in use or projected to be used;
  • Date of initial use of the mark, if the mark is already in use;
  • Power of Attorney to act on behalf of the person, format to be provided by us; and
  • Fees as per our Schedule of Fees by banker's draft Payable