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Internal VAT Audit and Management

Mr. Kapil Kumar & Co. offers services within the Broad vary of audit, compliance, tax and company service. The firm has gained long serving expertise to variety of transnational corporations, foreign national and Indian company and companies within the field of audit, direct tax, international taxation, Transfer valuation, taxation, Bharat entry Strategy, Formation of venture Company and entirely closely-held subsidiary, investment in Indian entity, due diligence study, mergers & acquisitions, project finance, compliance and consulting service on Tax, Accounts, payroll management, corporations Act and interchange Management Act.

Specific Audit Services Provided:

Statutory Audit

The statutory audit is carried in accord with the provisions of Indian corporations Act, 1956, applicable Indian Accounting and Auditing Standards and in accordance with the rules issued by the Institute of chartered of India.

Tax Audit

Tax Audit is taken in accord with the desired provisions of the tax laws of India and offering disclosures of relevant data in desired formats.

Transfer Price Audit

Transfer price audit is carried in accordance with provisions of tax Act and report is issued providing disclosures of relevant data in fixed formats. Transfer pricing Audit relates to the inter-company valuation arrangements between associated business entities that ought to be at length. The "arm's-length principle" of transfer pricing states that the quantity charged by one connected party to a different for a given product should be identical as if the parties weren't connected. An arm's-length price for a transaction is so what the value of that transaction would be on the open market.

Internal Audits

Internal audit assists in adding price and improves an organization's operations. It assists a corporation accomplish its objectives by transportation a scientific, disciplined approach to assess and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.